GRS Shockpad ensures
safety and comfort


The GRS Shockpad is an ultra-light and very easy to use plate that’s shaped like a puzzle piece. This shape relieves the construction work: no more carrying of large, heavy plates. An artificial grass installer can install the GrassSupport fall protection plates more quickly and easily by himself. The GRS Shockpad is produced in Europe, so we can always guarantee good quality and quick delivery.

GrassSupport wants to support artificial grass companies and installers through faster and better delivery of fall protection products. That’s why we started our own product line: the GRS Shockpad. We always can deliver quickly. After all, your artificial grass project must go on!

The GRS Shockpad plates fit in like a puzzle. This shaping results in better, more re- liable shock absorption than other shockpads. Our GRS Shockpads have an affective drainage to accelerate dewatering of the field during inclement weather. We have developed different plate thicknesses for different applications (playsport landscape), each with their own specifications and fall heights.




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