The season can start for GrassSupport!

After months of preparations, grasssupport can start the artificial grass season. Last year the company started, focusing in the beginning on advising on artificial grass and artificial grass applications. In case of challenges and/or problems, players in the market know how to find GrassSupport, thanks in part to years of experience and expertise within the company. It also started to sell tools that artificial grass installers can really use.

And to top it all off, GrassSupport has managed to create its own line of shock pads in the past six months. Theo van Orsouw, founder of GrassSupport:

“We heard more and more sounds from the market. Installers sometimes had to wait months before they could get the right shock pads delivered. We saw opportunities and we jumped in on that. We want to conquer the whole (artificial grass) world with our products”

The first concern was finding a reliable European product. Thanks to the network of sales manager Robbe Koopmans, it was found relatively quickly. In order to be able to market the products well, a collaboration was entered into with marketer Hein van de Kerkhof:

“GrassSupport consists of three branches: GRS Advice, GRS Shockpad and GRS Tools. In doing so, the company has everything it needs to optimally support producers, traders and installers of artificial grass. GrassSupport lays the foundation for artificial grass, without selling or building it itself. GrassSupport helps its customers work more efficiently and effectively. I am proud of the fact that I can do my bit.”.

We will be happy to keep you informed of all developments of GrassSupport in the near future.

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