GRS All Seasons Adhesive kit

GRS All Seasons Adhesive kit is a universally applicable and elastic adhesive for bonding artificial grass. The GRS Adhesive has excellent resistance to any weather type and is UV proof. The product has good adhesion to most materials and can be used both indoors and outdoors. The mounting kit is very suitable for bonding artificial grass to surfaces such as concrete, pavement and GRS Seaming Tape. Moreover, it is extremely suitable for gluing the new PP backings.

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The benefits of GRS All Seasons Adhesive kit:

  • Easy and universally applicable
  • Applicable in all seasons
  • Can be used on different surfaces
  • Provides good adhesion
  • Available directly from stoc

Available in:

  • Kit cartridge 310 ML
  • 4 KG bucket
  • 17 KG bucket


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