GRS Artificial Grass Broom

The GRS Artificial Grass Broom is a specially designed broom for sweeping and brushing the artificial grass. Due to the special curved long and flexible bristles, the artificial grass can be brushed quickly and easily. In addition, the GRS Artificial Grass Broom is the ideal broom to remove leaves and other materials from the artificial grass. During the winter, the broom can even be used to sweep off snow. The GRS Artificial grass broom can be perfectly combined with the GRS Brush machine.

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The benefits of GRS Artificial Grass Broom:

  • Designed for use on artificial grass
  • Extra-long and flexible bristles
  • For every application in gardens and parcs
  • Very long life span
  • Deliverable from stock

Available in:

  • Lightweight of 1 kg and 1.2 kg
  • 45 cm wide
  • 65 cm wide
  • Telescoping broomstick


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