GRS Glue Box

The GRS Glue Box is designed to be used in combination with the GRS Glue Machine. Our adhesive boxes are available in different sizes, depending on the type of application. The amount of adhesive that is applied to the seaming tape can be adjusted to each situation. Due to the special button on the front, the glue box is easy and quick to fix. We are happy to advise how to use our boxes.

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The benefits of GRS Glue Box:

  • To adhesive large pieces of artificial grass
  • Fits in the GRS Glue Machine
  • Easy to clean
  • Different sizes for different applications
  • Easy to fix in the right height

Available in:

  • Different sizes
  • U15 2/4, U15 4/6, U25 2/4 en U25 4/6


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