GRS Play Shockpad 45

GRS Play Shockpad 45 is a certified, ultra-light, easy to use fall protection plate. GRS Play Shockpad 45 is produced in a high- end production facility in the Netherlands, so we are sure to always deliver good quality products very quickly. The GRS Play Shockpad plates fit in like a puzzle. This results in better, more reliable shock absorption than other shockpads. Our GRS Play Shockpad 45 has an affective drainage to accelerate dewatering of the field during inclement weather. The GRS Play Shockpad 45 can be used in two different systems (see below).

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The benefits of GRS Play Shockpad 45:

  • Quick delivery
  • Easy to use and install
  • Advanced drainage
  • Good, reliable shock absorption
  • More efficient and faster installation
  • Tested and certified for two different systems


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