GRS Seaming Tape

GRS Seaming Tape is a very strong and moisture resistant tape. The GRS Seaming Tape comes in a width of 20 CM or 30 CM. The seaming tape is quick and easy to apply, especially for repairs to artificial grass. One of the most sold products to professionals. The adhesive straps are easy to use in combination with the GRS All Seasons Glue and the GRS Bond Adhesive. GRS Seaming Tape is always available from stock.

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The benefits of GRS Seaming Tape:

  • Very strong
  • Moisture resistant
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect tool for repairs
  • Available directly from stock

Available in:

  • 20 CM x 100 M1 (2,8 KG)
  • 20 CM x 20 M1 (0,8 KG)
  • 30 CM x 100 M1 (4,2 KG)
  • 30 CM x 20 M1 (1,1 KG)
  • Single sided and double sided


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