GRS UltraFix Gun

Please read safety instructions before proceeding.

More information

1. Please ensure flow regulator is completely wound inland trigger is locked
2. Flick black safety cap of the GRS UltraFix glue
3. Screw onto gun clockwise with the gun in the upright position with the tin facing downwards
4. Do not over tighten
5. Once can is secured on the gun correctly shake vigorously approximately 20 times
6. Unwind flow regulator located on the back of the gun to the desired flow rate required
7. When finished you can keep the glue attached to the gun for up to 30 days provided the gun nozzle is clean or air will get into the gun and therefore unusable, please ensure the flow regulator is locked if let unattended or in a vehicle etc
8. To clean the gun please follow the cleaning instructions above.


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