GRS Alveo Shockpad 10

GRS Alveo Shockpad 10 is a fall protection and drainage plate which is designed to use with artificial grass. This shockpad is made of polyolefin foam and makes sure one lands soft during sport and play. Because of the closed structure of the cells the shockpad does not absorb any water and cannot freeze. GRS Alveo Shockpad 10 is also suitable to use on a balcony, (roof) terrace, or other bumpy places. GRS Alveo Shockpad 10 is environmentally friendly and sustainable. It is known for its perfect drainage, high stability and longterm weather resistance. GRS Alveo Shockpad is also deliverable in a 20 mm design.

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The benefits of the GRS Alveo Shockpad 10:

  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight
  • Sustainable
  • Equal pressure distributor
  • Recycleable


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