• GrassSupport provides the foundation for artificial grass

  • The safety of our children is most important

  • GrassSupport assists artificial grass installers


Independent advice by years of experience. Furthermore, we are experts in surface testing and certification.



The shockpad with optimal and consistent fall protection. We always can guarantee quick delivery.



With our products, artificial grass installers can do their work more efficiently.
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GrassSupport provides shockpads and a complete range of tools to successfully install artificial grass systems. We help our customers (manufacturers, wholesalers and artificial grass installers) to do a better job. The GRS shockpads and GRS tools make sure that artificial grass can be installed quickly, safely and efficiently. Thanks to our extensive knowledge and experience, we can advise on products and installation for every situation. We can also execute measurements and support with certification projects.

GrassSupport provides the foundation for artificial grass.

Our video about the installation of artificial grass with shock absorption can be viewed below:

If you want to know more about our shock pads, click through to the GRS shock pads page.

GRS Shockpad in 3D

Click on the GRS Shockpad for a full 3D view.